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The Caring Companion Project.


The Kit Campaign.

Why start this project?

In the time of social distancing, the homeless community is often forgotten as a lot of individuals are focusing on themselves or their families. The homeless don't have the necessities to remain clean or the proper protection from COVID-19. Additionally, many homeless individuals choose to live in homeless shelters, where it is challenging to practise social distancing as shelters are often crowded, which can increase their susceptibility. Shelter staff are also often exposed to individuals who have the COVID-19 virus, so we knew we had to help! 

We wanted to help homeless individuals by providing supplies in the form of
kits that minimize viral spread in homeless shelters, and we began this project once we figured the severity and the impact this situation would have on the homeless community in Ottawa. To help protect shelter staff from the virus, we provide essential PPE such as masks, sanitizer spray, and nitrile gloves.

Who are we and why are we investing ourselves in this?

We were all raised in the Ottawa area, and we all have a special connection with the city and its people. Over the last few years, we have seen organizations that created initiatives to help homeless individuals, as the homeless population is often forgotten by society. Such efforts inspired us to pursue this project. 


Additionally, after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we began to notice that the homeless community in Canada was significantly suffering, as many shelters had COVID-19 outbreaks and supply shortages. This motivated us to take action, and as a result, we invested ourselves in the Goodwill Initiative.

What are we including in our kits and where have donations come from?

Through our website and many other social media platforms, we have been able to spread the word throughout the Ottawa community quite quickly. We have also directly reached out to family, friends, university professors, and past high school teachers who have all generously donated. Additionally, we have also set up a GoFundMe page through which many kind strangers have donated.​As we are well on our way to reach our initial goal of donating 500 kits, we are still looking for more donations! Our kits currently include non-perishable snacks, soap, homemade masks, hand sanitizers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, tissues, antibacterial wipes, socks, lotions, and sanitary napkins! 


Goodwill Initiative 2021

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